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Wind Turbine
Field of the Invention
Background of Invention
Summary of Invention

Brief Summary of the Invention

When the car travels, especially at moderate to high speed, the wind will enter the turbine with high kinetic energy from the front in the horizontal direction and strike the blades of the wind turbine. This will make the blades rotate at high RPM. In this device, the blades are mounted on the rotor coupled with the generator/alternator through a shaft. The power thus generated will charge the batteries.

Tickoo Wind Turbine primarily consists of the Bottom Plate, Top Plate, Top Deflector, Front Deflectors, Side Deflectors, and Rear Deflectors. These components, when assembled, form an enclosure wherein the turbine blades rotate. This design is such that it divides the enclosure in two sections, Left Section and Right Section. The wind that enters into the Right Section of the wind turbine directly hits the blades at high speed and thus causes the rotation of the blades in the counterclockwise direction. The wind that enters the wind turbine in the Left Section is deflected towards the right side and exerts additional pressure on the blades, thus reinforces the rotation in the counterclockwise direction. Also, the Front Deflectors prevent the wind from entering into the Left Section of the turbine and therefore the wind does not create any resistance to the rotation of the turbine. The Front Deflectors actually deflect the wind at an angle that further pushes the blades in the counterclockwise direction. This pressure starts building at about -20 degrees angle and thus increases the effective power cycle.
Wind Turbine
In addition to the wind entering from the front, the side deflectors will also facilitate the entry of wind from the sides of the wind turbine. Moreover, the slots in the side deflectors will guide the wind to enter the turbine in such a way that the blades can rotate speedily.

Apart from the wind entering the turbine from the front and the sides, part of the wind moving out of the turbine will also be deflected back into the turbine with the help of the Rear Right and Rear Left deflectors. Consequently, the blades will be pushed not only from the front and the sides but also from the back side. This will make the blades rotate much faster and more power will be generated.
Wind Turbine
The proposed device, Tickoo Wind Turbine, overcomes the deficiencies that exist in the devices bearing the US Patent numbers 7,135,786 and 5,920,127. This device will be placed in the horizontal plane, and therefore, only a small area of the wind turbine will be in contact with the flow of the wind. As a result, this device will cause less resistance to the wind flow and the amount of drag developed will be significantly less. In this device, the wind energy will be used to drive the turbine and the power thus generated will be used to charge the batteries. So, as long as the car moves, its batteries will get continuous supply of power.

It is evident that some drag will be developed in this device also, but it will be comparatively less and its special design features will further minimize it. Consequently, this device will produce more power to charge the batteries
Wind Turbine

Contact Information:
Prof. Sham Tickoo
Purdue University Calumet
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