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Advantages of the Tickoo Wind Turbine

The Tickoo Wind Turbine has numerous advantages over a conventional turbine. This has been made possible by designing the mechanisms that deflect the wind in the desired area of the turbine and over a larger angle. Also, the drag component of the wind force is drastically reduced and the design maximizes the utilization of the wind. Following are some of the key advantages of this wind turbine:
  • This wind turbine is designed in such a way that the wind can enter and strike the turbine blades from several sides and in different directions. In addition to utilizing the wind that directly enters from the front, the wind will also enter the turbine through the slots on the sides that will further accelerate the blade rotation.
  • The wind turbine will continue generating power and charge the batteries even if the car is parked, provided there is sufficient wind to rotate the turbine blades.
  • If more power is needed, the width of the turbine blades can be easily increased. Any increase in the turbine blade width will create greater torque and therefore more power.
  • The scaled up version of this wind turbine can be mounted under the trucks that have sufficient ground clearance to accommodate it.
  • It can also be used to produce the power for home use by mounting the turbine on a tall structure like a turbine tower.
  • The design of the turbine makes it possible to mount several turbines on the same structure, thus producing more power economically.
  • The turbine design utilizes the low pressure regions created at the back of a moving automobile to increase the wind speed through the turbine and thus produce more power.
  • The unused power that is accumulated in the batteries can be converted into 110V with an inverter and sold to the utility companies or used at home.
  • The design of this turbine can be easily modified to fit on the sides, front, back, or in the trunk area of an automobile.
  • Like the wind, the flow of water can also be utilized to rotate the turbine.
  • The turbine has been designed in a way that drastically reduces the drag component of the wind force and maximizes the utilization of the wind.
  • As the equipment used in this design is inexpensive, the manufacturing cost will be significantly low.
  • The curved shape of blades in the wind turbine helps to increase the impact of wind on them. As a result, maximum kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy, thus making it much more efficient.
  • The blades are arranged in staggered manner on the rotor. This is to ensure that all blades receive the wind and produce maximum possible energy.
  • The simple design of the device and its parts reduces the need of skilled operators as well as drastically reduces the transportation cost. Moreover, individual components of this device can be easily assembled, and their servicing and maintenance is much simpler.

Contact Information:
Prof. Sham Tickoo
Purdue University Calumet
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