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Autodesk 3DS Max Basic

Course Information

Duration: 40 Hours
Fee: $400
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Course Objective

Autodesk 3ds Max is best known for its modeling and rendering tools. In this basic course on Autodesk 3ds Max, you will learn about some basic tools of modeling, texturing, layout, cameras, lighting, and rendering. You will also learn to explore the 3ds Max interface and customize it to suit your preferences. Moreover, you will be able to apply the techniques you have learned to create your own project. To summarize, learning 3ds Max course at CADCIM will enable you to discover how to model different objects using splines, polygons, subdivision surfaces, and freeform modeling. At the end of the course, all students will be required to work on a project so that the faculty can assess their abilities.

Recommended Learning Material

Textbook/eBook on AutoCAD authored by Prof. Sham Tickoo and published by CADCIM Technologies, USA.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction to 3ds Max
  • Touring the Interface
  • The Viewports
  • Getting to Know about Command Panel
  • Working with Objects
  • Transforming Objects
  • Copying an Object
2. Primitive Objects
  • Understanding Standard Primitives
  • Adjusting Object Parameters
  • Accessing Parameters
  • Modeling Standard Primitives
3. Creating and Modifying Splines
  • Creating Splines
  • Lathing a Spline
  • Modifying a Shape Using Sub-object Levels
  • Combining and Extruding Splines
  • Editing Splines
4. Creating AEC Objects
  • Creating a Parametric Wall
  • Adjusting the Wall�s Parameters
5. Materials and Maps
  • Understanding Bitmap Texture Maps
  • Diffusing Color Maps
  • Understanding Surface Properties
  • Adding Materials to Objects
  • Understanding Material Libraries
6. Lights and Camera
  • Understanding the Types of Lights
  • Adding a Spotlight to Simulate the Sun
  • Rendering a View
  • Adding Shadow Effects
  • Understanding the 3ds Max Camera
7. Animation
  • Using Animation Controls
  • Using Key frame Animation
  • Bouncing a Ball
  • Rendering the Animation

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