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Learning Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, SolidWorks 2004, Autodesk Inventor 8 in One Day
Author: Prof. Sham Tickoo, Purdue University Calumet
Publisher: CADCIM Technologies
ISBN: 1-9327090-02
Pages: 336
Price: $17.00 (Retail $39 - $22 Discount)

This textbook is written with the intention of helping the users get familiar with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, SolidWorks 2004, or Autodesk Inventor 8 in one day. With the variety of Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages available in the market, it is difficult for an individual to decide which software package to use. The "Learning in One Day" approach of learning a CAD package will help the readers in selecting a software program that is best suited for their work requirements. This textbook is not intended to make the readers expert in these programs, but it will definitely help them in understanding the basic concepts and functionality.

This textbook features one real-world mechanical engineering project for each of the three CAD packages: Blower Subassembly created using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, Master Rod and Piston Subassembly created using SolidWorks 2004, and Plummer Block Assembly created using Autodesk Inventor 8. These projects guide the users step-by-step through the process of creating components, assembling them, and generating the drawing views.

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