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AutoCAD Advanced

Course Information

Duration: 50 Hours
Fee: $1100
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Anyone who wants to enter the world of design and drafting can take this course. There is no prerequisite.

Course Objective

AutoCAD Advanced course introduces you to the advanced techniques of using AutoCAD and teaches you to be a master in AutoCAD. This course enables you to select the best tool required for performing a particular task, implement the most efficient way to use that tool, and customize the interface to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

In this course, students will be able to use and understand advanced features of AutoCAD like creating dynamic blocks; defining attributes; working with annotation scales and adding fields to texts; publishing, customizing, and working with sheet sets; external references; collaboration tools; customizing AutoCAD; managing layers; CAD standards, and much more. At the end of course, the students will also get to do one real-world project that will enhance their knowledge.

Recommended Learning Material

Textbook/eBook on AutoCAD authored by Prof. Sham Tickoo and published by CADCIM Technologies, USA.

Topics Covered

1. Adding Fields and Annotation Scales to Text Objects
  • Annotation Scale Overview
  • Using Fields
  • Controlling the Draw Order
2. Creating Dynamic Blocks
  • Working with Dynamic Blocks
  • Creating Dynamic Block Definitions
  • Dynamic Block Authoring Tools
  • Additional Visibility Options
3. Working with Attributes
  • Defining Attributes
  • Inserting Blocks with Attributes
  • Editing Attribute Values
  • Redefining Blocks with Attributes
  • Extracting Attributes
4. Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Linking Table Cells
  • Creating Table Styles
5. Working with External References
  • Attaching External References
  • Modifying External References
6. Working with Sheet Sets
  • Overview of Sheet Sets
  • Creating Sheet Sets
  • Creating Sheets in Sheet Sets
  • Adding Views to Sheets
  • Importing Layouts to Sheet Sets
7. Publishing & Customizing Sheet Sets
  • Transmitting and Archiving Sheet Sets
  • Publishing Sheet Sets
  • Customizing Sheet Sets
  • Custom Blocks for Sheet Sets
8. Working with Collaboration Tools
  • eTransmit
  • Hyperlinks
  • Sharing Views
  • Comparing Drawings
9. Managing Layers in AutoCAD
  • Working in the Layer Properties Manager
  • Creating Layer Filters
  • Setting the Layer States
10. Working with CAD Standards
  • Concept behind CAD Standards
  • Configuring Standards
  • Checking Standards
  • Layer Translator
11. System Setup
  • Drawing Utilities
  • Managing Plotters
  • Plot Styles
  • System Variables
  • Options Dialog Box
12. Customization AutoCAD
  • Need for Customization
  • Creating a Custom Workspace
13. Customizing the User Interface in AutoCAD
  • Using the Customize User Interface (CUI) Dialog Box
  • Creating Custom Toolbars
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Customizing Menus
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
14. Script Files and Custom Commands
  • Custom Commands
  • Running Scripts
  • Action Recorder
  • Editing Action Macros

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