3D Studio MAX/VIZ Textbooks
  • Learning 3ds max5: A Tutorial Approach
    This book is written to get you started with 3ds max5 in the shortest possible time. This book consists of 16 chapters and 2 projects. Each chapter consists of a tutorial that gets you started with a particular section of 3ds max.  
  • 3D Studio MAX Textbooks
    -3D Studio MAX 4.0 (US Edition)
    This book provides a detailed overview of MDT 3D Studio MAX. The first chapter of the book gives you an overview of 3D Studio MAX  so that you get a good idea of what 3D Studio MAX can do for you. The book has several tutorials that cover different aspects of 3D Studio MAX. At the end of each chapter are a Self-Evaluation Test, Exercises, and Answers to the Self-Evaluation Test. 

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Last Updated: January 19 2004