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Customizing AutoCAD 2013
Tickoo-CADCIM Series

Customizing AutoCAD 2013 is a comprehensive textbook that provides detailed descriptions of the techniques used for customizing the AutoCAD software. This textbook covers all levels of customization techniques starting from the basic techniques used for creating template drawings to advanced techniques used for modifying the AutoCAD environment. Every chapter of this textbook has several examples that illustrate some possible applications of the customizing techniques explained in the chapter. The exercises at the end of the chapter will help the users assess their knowledge of the techniques learned in the chapter. Live projects and examples will further help the readers understand the concept clearly and master the customizing techniques of AutoCAD 2013.

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CADCIM Technologies, USA
Prof. Sham Tickoo, Purdue University Calumet, USA
978-1-936646-31-9  528 Paperback


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Template Drawings
Chapter 2: Script Files and Slide Shows
Chapter 3: Creating Linetypes and Hatch Patterns
Chapter 4: Customizing the ACAD.PGP File
Chapter 5: Customizing Menus and Toolbars
Chapter 6: Customizing Ribbon, Workspaces, and Palettes
Chapter 7: Shapes and Text Fonts
Chapter 8: Working with AutoLISP
Chapter 9: Working with Visual LISP
Chapter 10: Visual LISP: Editing the Drawing Database
Chapter 11: Creating Programmable Dialog Boxes Using the Dialog Control Language
Chapter 12: DIESEL: A String Expression Language
Chapter 13: Using VBA in AutoCAD
Chapter 14: Accessing External Database
Chapter 15: Geometry Calculator
Chapter 16: Image Tile Menus
Chapter 17: Button Menus
Chapter 18: Tablet Menus

Salient Features

  • A comprehensive textbook that consists of 18 chapters, covering all major customizing techniques of AutoCAD
  • Detailed explanation of Scripting, AutoLISP, Visual LISP, DIESEL, etc to help user customize AutoCAD efficiently
  • Additional information is provided in the form of tips and notes
  • The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics covered in that chapter
  • The procedures of various customizing techniques are explained in steps
  • Each customizing technique is thoroughly explained and is supported with examples and illustrations
  • Self-Evaluation Test, Review Questions, and exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to help the reader assess their knowledge of the tools and techniques learned in the chapter

  • Evaluation Chapters
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